Leading the Way to Martial Arts Success for more than 20 years!

Welcome to TKA Taiji Kung Fu Academy, Florida USA.

Established for almost two decades by Master Kam Lee, we are committed to bringing you a family oriented, world class martial arts discipline where our success is measured by how we help you achieve yours. Our main focus is helping you find an easier and practical path to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

Programs that are achievement based and tailored to meet your needs.

This assures you that we are serious about teaching martial arts and our students’ progress  and development. Our classes are challenging, exciting and fun while learning safety and the confidence to protect yourself in any situation; physically or mentally. We are committed to providing our students with the highest quality instruction and training in the martial arts industry.

Convenient location and one of the best features in town!

Our schools in Fleming Island and the westside of Jacksonville, are conveniently located with ample parking space and shopping centers nearby. With high ceilings, wall mirrors and a raised floor for training safety, we have the best facilities in town. Our friendly staff is always here to answer any questions or concerns. Feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

A Balance program for everyone

Apart from our popular health and longevity programs, we teach two types of unique martial art styles to accommodate the need of all our students for a complete martial arts and health experience:  Kung Fu (external style) and Tai Chi (internal style). Our programs and classes are carefully created to include a wide range of training methods to suit each individual student because we recognize that each person possesses a different body type, strengths, intellect and goals. Students are encouraged to train and advance gradually and confidently in their comfort zone to be successful and achieve their personal goals.

No obligation FREE introductory class!

Come join our FREE introductory class and journey into the world of Chinese Martial Arts where the principles of mind and body balance go hand in hand to produce results beyond your wildest expectations. This is where mental and physical fitness merge to become a real life changing experience resulting in the strength and harmony of your total well being. We welcome you to come in and try us out without any obligations and see how training Kung Fu and/or Tai Chi will make the real difference for you and/or  your child.

For more information about our programs for you and/or your child, please call 904-215-6111 or visit one of our listed locations.  Don’t forget to ask about our family program. Or Contact Us Here




Lion Dance


“Dear Mr. Lee, please pass on my gratitude to the young men and women of your Academy who so graciously supported our Relay for Life. The day was a huge success and your team was a big reason why. It is quite evident that, besides impressive physical skills, your Academy is instilling the qualities of good citizenship, discipline and chivalry that we need in America. Our entire community will be better because of how you are helping these future leaders. Thank you again, sir”

  1. -Kent Rutherford

Director of Staff, FL. Air Guard, Jacksonville, FL.

  1. -4/27/2008

Kam Lee TKA Taiji Kungfu Academy 1835 East West Pkwy. Suite 5, FL. 32003 (904) 215-6111


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