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Laoshi Charles Macabasco

Laoshi Charles Macabasco photo Laoshi Charles Macabasco
  • Senior Instructor

Martial Arts Bio

Charles Macabasco 5th Generation Wuzuquan “5 Ancestors Fist” and 13th Generation Chen Family Taijiquan Successor under the tutelage of Shi-fu (Master) Kam Lee. Since 2004 Charles has had the privilege of training and learning with some of the world’s top leading Masters of Chinese Martials Arts in which has led him to multiple gold medals in various competitions around the world.

 In 2021, Laoshi Charles was inducted into the International Chinese Martial Arts Circuit, ICMAC Instructor Hall of Fame. Till this day Charles has been training and teaching in Jacksonville, Florida passing on the Traditions and upholding the quality of Chinese Martial arts.  


  • Senior Instructor - Adult Martial Arts Program
  • Instructor - Taijiquan Program