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About Us

Our Center features an exclusive training room showcasing our rich tradition and history. We take safety seriously, the training room boasts a raised floor with rubber mats to help prevent knee or falling injury. Additionally, a wall of mirrors is conveniently positioned to allow students to more effectively view the instructors as well as themselves. 

Chinese martial arts is not all about fighting, we also teach you about safety, health and wellness, common sense and most importantly instilling your best potential from within. We have programs for Kids, Adult Martial Arts, Seniors and Taijiquan. We train students to excel at what they do and above all, becoming a responsible citizen for a better world!

So, if you have the desire to find out how you can include self-defense as a discipline in your life, know your strengths and weaknesses, or ponder about philosophies, you have come to the right place! If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call (904-215-6111), or you can book an  30 mins Introductory Private Lesson with our certified instructor here! Each reservation is $25 and can be applied to any program you choose. You can also email us!

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